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My Name Is Tayo Arowojolu

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A trained Solicitor by career, orator, a life coach, writer and a Pastor. Tayo is married with 4 children. Pastors New Covenant Church Edmonton, and the Pastor of NCC Edmonton Conference in the United Kingdom.

I Have Had To Re-Build...

My Testimony is that of God's Faithfulness
I shared a bit of my testimony in my latest book. I have gone through a few circumstances where I have lost a lot. Today, I can testify that God is True to His Word.
How determined are you to make your family life a success!

Pastor Tayo is a father, mentor and an inspiration to me and my family. His teachings have groomed me over the years into the man i am now. I’m extremely excited about this book. I know I will learn new things about wealth.

Lanre Onikan

Lanre Onikan


Pastor Tayo is a man I admire in various ways. One major thing i have learnt from him and that is close to his heart is building a great legacy for your children. His emphasis on the next generation is worth documenting for posterity. I also see a man that is a doer. Pastor Tayo is battle tested and the real deal.

Ogo Okpue

Ogo Okpue

Creative Director & Filmmaker

Tayo Arowojolu – a consummate advocate – of scripture, of the law and of life. In my decades-long experience of him as a Pastor, Leader and Solicitor, I have found his irrepressible zest and passion for excellence infectious and Inspiring. More than a few are beneficiaries of his leadership. Truly a man in all seasons..

Gbolahan O. C. Esuruoso

Gbolahan O. C. Esuruoso

Solicitor & PM Consultant

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