Don’t Squander Your Fortune

Don’t Squander Your Fortune

The last couple of weeks of January tend to be weeks when people feel financially challenged and most discouraged:
Most people are paid early in December to encourage them spend money on Xmas gifts. So usually money that should be used for the whole month is used at a time of great demand on your generosity.
Now I don’t want you to saying “ where people are saying there is a casting down there is a lifting up” no! if you are a saver, if you are not a manager of fund you can prophesy that a  million times it will not come to past
Many are already broke before Xmas, and are already borrowing towards Xmas, If you are owing individuals even banks ( apart from mortgage)  if you have borrowed from individuals –I am very sorry. If now you are struggling financially, it is your own fault, it is because you are buying things that you should not buy.  Your salary is just £1000.00 and your budget for clothes, for dressing up, for make up etc is over £1000.00; I am very sorry!

It is good to teach destiny, but those who are wasters of money, must repent. Those who cannot afford what they are buying, they have become professional pretenders.  You can’t do that. I need to say this, I cannot allow any of my children to go broke. So if you are wearing clothes in the church and you have not paid for the clothes, I am very sorry.

If you are spending all your money, you have not bought a house or a car, you have not planned for your children born or yet unborn you have not secured investment and you are wearing that glowing outfit dress. I am seriously sorry. You should repent.

Men and Women don’t … if you know your friend can’t afford what she is wearing, tell her.

Don’t! Don’t! If you have too many clothes, go and auction it on eBay.

I have to tell you. Don’t borrow. Your money needs to be growing up in your account.  If your business is flourishing it is not an excuse to buy all the shoes and clothes of this world, to go on trips of all this world – no. God is making you a custodian of His wealth to bless His kingdom.

One of the reasons why people are broke or suffer poverty or generational curses is because of demonic curse of waste- don’t refuse it, resist it.

The man that does not like you with the way you are dressed decently (even if it’s one that you are dry cleaning and wearing again) the man that will not like you will not like you.

Recently I don’t know if you have been hearing this jingle – amigo has just called the guarantor – don’t guarantee anybody. Don’t go and borrow money with the Amigo or any such institution.

For the single, especially the 20’s this is the time to make a fortune. You are still staying with your parent, you don’t have houses, you don’t have wives, you don’t have husbands, no mortgage, and it’s the time to make a fortune. Before you marry you must make a fortunate. The money is still yours. Don’t ever think that because you are earning well, it’s time to buy all those stuff. No. You future partner would regard and respect you.

The ideal thing is when a young girl and a young man want to marry, they should move into their own house. That is what I want for everyone; that is the ideal. No to peer pressure. If you can’t afford that dress don’t buy it, they will do all those sales in Selfridges, buy one get one, half price, they would do everything to persuade you to buy it, refuse. Say I’m not buying!

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